Beijing Pinghe won the bid for nearly 10,000 pcs. intelligent isolated safety barriers used in petrochemical projects!

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Recently, Beijing Pinghe successfully won the bid for a new propylene oxide and supporting DCS control system (AI, AO, PI, RTD, TC, and other industrial signals) project of a large-scale petrochemical group in the north, in which totally 9376 pcs. T series isolated safety barriers will be applied.

Relying on the domestically recognized industry first reputation, strong technical strength, a large number of industry applications, Beijing Pinghe has stood out among many competitors at home and abroad. At the same time, it has benefited from the long-term trust and recognition of this petrochemical group's customer.

In the future, Beijing Pinghe will accomplish more and better quality projects with ingenious quality and perfect service to create greater value for the customers. Beijing Pinghe, harmony in diversity, distinguished and elegant!